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Hello, people that bother to read this (which there are none)!  I shall now give a brief overview of what happened during my one day trip on Saturday to Boston Comic Con 2014!

My time there was much shorter than my previous visit (which went on for much longer because of circumstances that I do not wish to discuss), and I only stayed there for around 4 hours, but it made up for it in quality and overall pleasantness.

My father bought print-out tickets online, and we left to go to Boston at around 10:30 AM.  Unlike last year, my little brother didn't cosplay as anyone (he cosplayed as the Scout from Team Fortress 2 last year), and I cosplayed Touya/Hilbert/Black from Pokemon Black and White once again (It's the only cosplay I have right now).  The line to get the wristbands was long (and I mean looooooonnnnnnggggg), wrapping around the entire convention center building, and I'm surprised I didn't die from overheating.

The convention itself had a lot of interesting cosplayers and people.  I felt a bit dizzy from the heat, and my mind sort of went on autopilot and made me wander around the area without any real reason for a little while.  I decided to keep my promise with :iconwritingpikachu: and take a couple of pictures, since I barely took any during the all of the previous conventions I went to.  I also managed to be a bit more sociable and ask people for pictures with me, including with a pack of Homestuck cosplayers, a few kids, and an Ash Ketchum cosplayer that had gotten a lot of attention.  A few people even acknowledged me and complimented my costume!  There were a few people I didn't take pictures of, but one that really stood out was this Bane (from The Dark Knight Rises) cosplayer, who was massive, muscular, and covered in tattoos.  He didn't really talk to me, but he kept in character when he spoke to other people (He even had a voice changer to sound like Bane!) and said "Excuse me, Ash." when he wanted to go around me.  I let him go around me, and he said "Thank you."  It was only a few seconds later that I realized that he called me Ash (An easy to understand mistake, of course).

After a little while, I got tired and I had to rest near the entrance.  I got my dad to bring some water, and we went to the nearby 7 Eleven to get some candy and a pizza.  After a little while, we met my brother at the entrance and left.

It's not much, but I did enjoy myself, and I did take some pictures (which I will be uploading soon).  I just hope that there's a good convention in the winter so I won't be so hot and tired.


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Hi, everyone! Originally a humble roleplayer on the Sonic Fanon wiki, I have since moved on and I'm now here! I was a little reluctant to join this site, as I have seen my cousin get obsessed over it. I now wholeheartedly think this website is a nice place, if you know how to avoid the...grosser and stupider works and images that people often criticize this site for.

I'm leaving all of my past journal posts behind (Aside from Boston Comic Con 2014: Electric Boogaloo), and my pictures and posts will mostly be cosplay centric. Feedback, comments, ect. are greatly appreciated and always answered. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Also note that while I'm often very quiet, socially awkward, and easily aggravated in real life, I'm actually a very nice person. If you're my friend, I will do anything in my power to help you.

Favorite Quote: "The past can hurt, but instead of running from it, you can learn from it"- Rafiki [The Lion King]

Personal Quote: Don't try to be a perfectionist, but you must always strive for self improvement!

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